Monday, July 30, 2012

Living Room Design Plan

Getting closer and closer!!! I finished repainting my living room last night (yes, I said repainted lol, we will get into that later) and I finally feel good about that aspect. I decided to put together this little reference board though to help me visualize what I am going for.

Et Viola!

1.  Target bookshelves, check.

2.  Painted the walls a light grey, and have white furniture accents. Check.

3.  Looking for a pattern like the above for the curtains.

4.  Pillow, check. Need to grab a couple more and the throw as well.

5.  I need just a couple baskets for storage (yarn, ect.) and I really like these...

6.  I don't have a living room light, so I am using just my table lamp right now. I would like to get a floor lamp for the far corner with this style so that I can actually have enough light to knit at night lol.

But that should be pretty much it! What I am using for my side table is actually an old piano bench, and I need to sand and restain it so that it is dark like the bookshelves, and then I want to have a removable cushion for it as well possibly... But thats a project for leisure later on really.  


  1. I love it! You make me jealous with your ability to paint and decorate without having to consult another person! :)

  2. Yay whew! I hope the execution is successful lmao. I am not excited about the sewing projects ahead lol... very intimidated and I wish I was wealthy enough to just buy everything, but alas. I hope you post some ideas for the baby room soon!!!