Monday, August 6, 2012

New Baby -> Baby Blanket

I'm an Aunt! Aunt Ashlie! Yay! It's definitely different having a nephew rather than a niece, but maybe it is better to have started out that way. Less responsability I think... whew.

He is just so funny looking lol! According to his mother he is becoming "a bit of a porker", but hopefully that is just part of him getting the nutrients he needs. I think he looks so much like my brother though! It looks like he has a bit of the red from Brittony's hair, but we will see...

I had wanted to knit/crochet a baby blanket for him, but as he was born in the sweltering heat of summer, there hasn't been a real urgency to this lol.

I started working on it a few months ago since I had to be on a bus for a few hours. I chose "Baby's First Yarn" by Lion Brand for the white and light blue, which is a cotton and acrylic blend. Machine washable and dryable, of course. It really was more of a last-minute desperate need-for-yarn decision. I actually really like the yarn though after corcheting with it; it is very soft! Its not too slow going as well since its a Bulky 5 yarn. I am using a size J crochet hook, and doing a half double stitch.

I had to go with a different type for the navy color as they pretty much just don't make dark colors of the baby yarns though. Ah well. Its a bit less bulky, but is still manageable.

My sister was very unhelpful with regard to color other than blue being "ok", so I just decided to pick out what I liked on a whim and have fun with it. Hence, the haphazard stripes! It reminds me of sailing...

Hopefully it will be warm and lovely for him once the winter comes up there in Idaho! I am making it large enough so that he will be able to use it over the next couple of years too (unless he really does become a porker haha!)

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