Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kitchen Dreams

 {kitchen as of this morning}
Ew. I know. This is why I can never just accept my apartment. Painting is required for peace of mind lol. Thank God its affordable. The appliances are all an old offwhite color too.

{The color in normal light is actually a bit closer to turquoise...}
I actually ended up blending my own color, using the darker bottom color and a lighter color I purchased. This was before I decided to just paint the cabinets white though... Still not sure if I will do the lighter or darker. The darker just seems a bit too bright for my taste, and I think would be to overwhelming. And yes, that is a crack in my wall.

{bedroom and kitchen color swatches}
For the bedroom I am leaning towards  the middle color on the lower swatch. I have a white fabric headboard, and white curtains, so I think the light pink/peach will go well and add some playfulness too.

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  1. I love the blue! I can't believe I've never thought to mix the paint myself, your mix looks so pretty. I'm excited to see the progress, especially since you are going to paint the cabinets white :D All kitchens look better with white cabinets.