Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Friday: Rose Petal Pink

God I hate trying to take pictures of myself. So freaking annoying.
Anyway, this is suppose to be a motivating positive weekly post lol, so I will switch gears! I am trying to get back to doing this post every week again, despite my lack of a tripod or photographer lol. Or a good camera. One day, I am sooo getting a DSLR.
One day...
This is one of my fav outfits for work! Mainly because of the color combination... its very girly lol.

{Shirt: Forever 21}
{Skirt: Charlotte Russe}
{Heels: H&M}

 I won't lie, I really loved finding these heels! I stand and walk a lot at work, so comfortable cute heels are a huge plus point for me; wearing 6 inch platform pumps are a bit difficult to carry off painlessly lol.
These are a suede material, and I actually scotch guarded them lol. I learned that trick from a fellow blogger, Heritage Knitting, and it really has been very useful!
{These pictures are really crappy, I know. I will be attempting different things in future lol}

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