Friday, September 21, 2012

Thrift Store Finds: Coffee Table

I finally found an acceptable coffee table!!!

In my mind, the perfect find would have been this table from Pottery Barn. Buuuut I think the $500 price tag is just a bit steep, eh?

I have an off-white slip cover for my loveseat that I was planning on combining with a dark wood coffee table just like the above. I also love the storage beneath (I need somewhere to put my card games, books, and current knitting projects!). Since I often end up eating my meals on my couch (I am single; I get to do that lol), this would have been perfect for me.
But alas, I am not rolling in the dough... hence requiring another trip to CCA. I found this coffee table for $15, and it was sort of a light walnut color with nicks and dings and such. I thought about staining it dark as well, but because of the rattan shelf I chose to go with white paint instead.
1. Coffee table- $15
2. White paint and sponge brush- already had
3. Polyurethane sealant and bristle brush- already had
I painted several coats of paint (since I had to cover a darker wood color) and that took a day. Then I coated this with 3 layers of poly the next day and let dry for 24 hours.

The reason I chose this was because the style fits with my living room, the size is perfect, and the shelf provides storage space I need for knitting projects, books, and such.

Very content!

The holidays are going to be so much fun lol...

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