Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Adventures of Sasha

I heart my kitty.

I discovered her here like this, literally within 15 minutes of coming home with this basket to store my yarn lol. She made record time... And of course about 15 minutes later, she was  running across the living room with one of my yarn balls in her mouth like a mommy... If you are a knitter, you know the feeling that produces lol. *gasp dramatic noooooooooo!*

Every morning, making my bed becomes an insurmountable challenge as she transforms into an immovable mass of stubbornness hehe. She is so silly.


  1. SASHA!!!!! I just wanna squeeze her!!!

    btw...her papa does the same thing with the bed in the morning. I don't know how many times I've waited until the afternoon to make the bed because Boo was sleeping.

  2. they are so silly, but so lovable hehe! At least now I know where she gets it from lol. You know what I just realized? You, Me, and Tyler all form a kitten ring! Your Boo is Grandpa, Sasha is Momma, and Fitzhugh is the Baby! wow and we all live in different cities. This cat family sure does travel.