Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Owls by Candlelight

This year, just like the years before, I knew I wanted to create my own pumpkin patterns.

The theme I settled on was Owls, maily because... they are awesome hehe. These were my last two designs, the tree being the 3rd. I think that one is my favorite... maybe. I really like how the bark turned out, but then I also really like the stars and overall concept of the 2nd. They both have little owls though!

These two types of owls I plan on using in other designs as well, and I am thinking about creating a whole little line of forest creatures to use for sewing and other craft projects. I might have to bring out the clay for these hehe.

This is a close up of the 2nd pumpkin I carved. I really like this one...

This little guy was my first trial; he's holding his little baby on the tree branch. I like that idea, but I think the other owls are way better. I may try the same idea but using the other owl images next time... we will see.

I just love coming up with ideas for carving! I also was thinking about doing 3 different falling leaves with the veins and everything, but after carving so many... I just didnt find the time. There is always next year though!!!


  1. I wont lie, I'm a little jealous of your artistic ability lol. :D

    They look fantastic! I love the way the tree bark turned out and I love the baby owl. It's just too cute!

  2. Aw well thank you!!! I am starting to feel really good about actually USING said ability lol. Whats funny is, the more I do crafty things, the more inspired I get... Its becoming a problem lol.