Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Patio Projects

So I am still working on creating the right atmosphere for my patio, which is sort of ridiculous considering its soon going to be freezing weather outside not conducive to drinking much of anything outside. Yet I still forge onward...

This little bird statue I had purchased awhile ago, but it had been a very dark stone color, and the features of the bird were subsequently not as obvious. I just thought it was too cute and decided to spray paint it pale blue to make it more wimsical and happy.

Maria helped me out with this one, and although she doubted my brilliant plan at first, in the end she agreed that it was super cute! :D
I am keeping my eyes out for any other little statues that are the same style; I would love to have one or two more chilling on the rail of my patio.

My next project involved somehow using the birdcages. I have planned on filling them with different sized pillar candles which I still like, but they the functionality of that deterred me. I doubt I would ever put the effort into lighting them all often. Instead I decided to fill them with different types of moss purchased at Hobby Lobby, and entertwining xmas lights within.

I am pretty happy with the outcome, although I think a couple of lanterns done the same way might actually look better. The lights are invisible during the day becaus the cords are dark green, which I do like, They almost look just as good during the day. I might tweak the lights again do that more show through the bars.... Always in search of perfection hehe.

I needed something in that corner and I am happy with this idea.

These are my current lantern lights along with my teapot windchime! I doubt I will ever change these two, because I heart them so. They look so inviting from afar!


  1. "You want to paint the iron bird baby blue? Uh huh. Well if that's what you want." -Me LOL

    It's just beautiful! I love all the pieces of it and it goes together wonderfully!

    I think lanterns would look EQUALLY good. But, seeing as you love birdcages I would stick with what you have (and it goes well with the blue bird). The only thing that looks weird is the hook on the lower birdcage. It looks out of place, but maybe it is just the picture. Maybe paint the chain white so that it stands out? Or remove the hook and just use a small clip? I don't know, it probably looks just fine in person.

    I love the moss, I think the christmas lights still need some tweaking so that they look "perfectly" random but I think it will just take time. But I definitely think that the lights are much much better than the candles.

    All in all it looks great! :)

  2. Hehe yes, the bird is my fav!!! ... and the blue lol.

    I agree with everything you mentiones about the birdcages. Planning on dropping the top ne lower to cover the hook, and rearranging the lights as well. I want more sparkle, everywhere lol!