Monday, November 8, 2010

All Hallows Eve

This year I actually decorated... for a Party!!! This was not located at my abode, but due to Tyler's need to complete her kitchen cabinet painting project prior to our event, I got to do the majority of the decorating. Lights... were everywhere hehe.

This is the mantle, and I just added the pumpkin lights and my old creepy tree with some cobwebs for effect. I definitely think this turned out great!

I love this creepy tree....

Another project that was important to me to attempt was a hanging Happy Halloween sign. I purchased some simple cream colored card stock at Hobby Lobby, and then just drew out all the letters with a pen. This calligraphy style I designed myself!

I wanted to try to burn the cardstock to age it, but I simply ran out of time... :(

I am keeping the sign, so next year or maybe even this week, I will try that.

I hung it up in the dining room with black satin ribbon, and then made 4 bows to attach at the ends. The picture only shows 2, but I added the other 2 afterwards and it really made a difference.

I plan on making one for Christmas too but with pale gold paint for the lettering, white shimmery snow cardstock, and a pale green ribbon, to hang from my mantle like the lights above. I am really excited about that project; there is always room for improvement and most of the time I have to do a trial before I come up with better ideas.

There multiple other decorating details, but I did not have time to photo op them prior to the party, and Tyler took everything down before she said she would. I had several black lace spider web door frame hangings, a table runner, and a table cloth for the kitchen island that really looked wonderful. All the windows were trimmed in orange lights as well.

The entire atmosphere was wonderful, so next year it should just be even better! :D

This was my pirate costume! It really looks more like a muskateer, but eh. My story was I am really just a very successful pirate... who likes hats. I have a hat fettish apparently lol.

I am modifying the hat to go with the outfit more, but didn't have time to do it prior to the party. Upcoming blog post hehe!!


  1. 1. I freaking love your costume!

    2. I freaking love the banner!


    I can see how your costume says pirate/musketeer but it looks fantastic. I think that going with the pants vs. the skirt was a better idea. I hate people using Halloween as a evening to say it's ok that I look like a ho in a bad costume. Although, if you have a really good's ok if you look a little like a ho. :)

    And! And! With your costume you can easily add a little bit every year to make it better and more authentic. If you do decide to go with a skirt, I would suggest making one instead of using the crap polyester that all costumes are made out of nowadays. I think that a short skirt with a petticoat-thing would look amazing on you. :)

  2. Aw thank you!!! I don't know if I could ever commit to that though; I felt like... a useless doll lol. I totally agree with the cheap polyester thing; it took forever to find a costume that wasn't freaking shiny!! I was like, um I don't think a pirate would wear a shimmery simulated shirt just because she was female. Sorry, I have better things to do, like pillaging lol.

    I would love to get something like this for ren fest tho!!! It would be so fun to wear!!!