Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Warmth

Now that I have almost completely finished painting my living room (3 woots!!) , I have been unpacking some of my decor accessories and finding them all homes. With the winter coming on, blankets and prepping my fireplace is of the utmost importance.

This little creature I found several months ago at Marshalls while shopping with my mom, and simply loved him!!! He's very vintage looking, but doesn't smell lol. I thought he would be positively comfortable in my blanket basket, and I think he is. His name... is Maurice. *grin*

Another true antique find is this old matchstick holder! I had seen a few different styles of this (black iron versus wood) and ended up buying this one for $10.00. I know anyone could easily make one, but I lack the necessary tools :/

Then I simply spray painted it white (of course lol) and mounted him in the corner of the mantle. I initially was going to put it above the mantle to the right, but as I have plans for an art piece above the mantle, I didn't want this piece to detract from the larger focal painting.

In the end I like it hidden away in this corner :D

I finally got to place all my picture frames above the mantle woot!! And now I actually have several more photos that are in the running, so I might be switching some things out, or they might qualify for the upholstered fabric board that I have yet to create... lol. Too many plans and ideas eeek!!

Ah I am still in love with the green and white. *le dreamy sigh*

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