Monday, November 8, 2010

For the Love of Maria

All the fun shenanigans we get up to are too numerous to enumerate here, but here is just a taste!!!

The first weekend she came up to Dallas for Six Flags and shopping.

We ended up going on a Fright Fest weekend, and altough we didn't stay that night we did meander across some frightening individuals. You can see the fear in my eyes, right?

My lovely knitting buddy, enjoying a home brew of tea (not coffee what??!!) which hadn't quite had its calming effect yet... ;P She really does love me, I swear.

A couple of weeks later, I drove down to her place and we spent all day Saturday at Ren Fest!

There were a few items I simply couldn'y resist, namely another addition to my mask collection (this one is actually made out of leather and really comfortable!), a fox tale for my future forest nymph costume, and of course Pineapple on a Stick!

We had a lot of fun being simply silly.

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