Saturday, December 12, 2009

Venetian Mask Display

Through some odd fluke, about one year ago I began developing a collector's passion for venetian masks. I believe the origins of this arose from my love of Ever After, and ever since Masquerade Balls and British Court intrigue have filled me with fancy.

I have hit up Earthbound, Marshalls, and even Ebay for my display. I have kept the ones in my living room within a suitable color scheme of gold, white, red, and brown and placed my other two silver and black masks in my bedroom.

The shelving system I thought up to bring out the white crown molding and to offset all the espresso brown furniture.

I really just love all the glitter! :)

This little fairy critter I was given a few years ago and he has grown on me ever since. He has other trapped friends but I have yet to find them in the wide world. The hunt is on though!

This is how it all looks in the setting of my living room.

I think in the end, it may not be your typical interior design dream, but its definitely me and thats how I wanted my home to feel.

One project down!

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