Saturday, December 12, 2009

Classic Poetry

While rummaging around several of the antique stores in Fredericksburg, I came across one in particular that had a whole section of old published books. These two I found and simply couldn't leave behind...

The Victorian Age is a collection of acclaimed or influential British authors from that time period, with an introduction outlining the political views, industrial development, agriculture, and social change occuring at the time of these writers. This extra bonus feature really sold this book for me. Being able to appreciate poets like Robert Browning is one thing, but understanding the issues of the time period and the background of each writer opens huge windows into each piece!

This other poem collection is specific to Walt Whitman and is his famous Leaves of Grass. Besides the fact that I love him anyways, the detail of the book was so great that it outweighed the poor condition to me.

This embossed lettering is so rare a find!

I hunted for something of T. S. Eliott's but never found anything... there is always next time though!

I plan on adding slowly to my little collection until they are literally falling off the side of my TV stand lol. Isn't it ironic that I ended up placing one form of entertainment next to one so utterly different? I think it brings a softer hue to the cold temperament of technology. Maybe lol.

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