Friday, December 25, 2009

Little King's Story


So my second Wii game to play, but my very first to own!

The critters are pretty cute which is fun, and the basic premise it to build your little town into a city, keep your peeps happy, and upgrade them to different jobs to further your world domination.

Pretty popular concept, and well constructed in this game. I wouldn't give it a 10, but I think I rate this... a 7 on my interest level.

I still do not have animal crossing, but that will be next on the list for sure now that I have the means to play it with.


  1. So, I totally went out and bought a Wii lol. I don't have any games yet, right now we are focusing on the Wii fit (which is awesome!!!) and we only have one remote cause they were sold out.

    I'm not really into video games, but I think I shall try this "Animal Crossing". Should be fun!

  2. omg you so did not!! hahahaha oh man. if you get animal crossing... i have to get it and you have to get wii speak so we can talk and play together! that wont be till feb though for mes cause i am broke (i have to pay 450.00 today to get my car back from the towing company).

    so wii fit is def worth it? i am still thinking about that one... i wish they had a ballroom dancing game though! it would be so great!