Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Original Half-Price Bookstore

We have all seen them. Those little corner bookstores scattered about haphazardly struggling for survival against the universally accepted Barnes and Nobles. Usually situated in some random strip mall with hardly enough advertising to make the bank, they remind me of one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail.

Here in Dallas though, we have the one and only original Half Price Bookstore, located in a popular area with a sign you can literally visualize across several streets.

Rather than a strip mall, this store fills an entire warehouse and even has its own Black Forest Cafe. Besides the coffee, I love the low prices and huge variety of books available for browsing.

Black Forest Cafe has pretty much amazing sandwiches and pastries, so if you end up lost within the book shelves long enough to hear your stomach protesting, all is not lost!

For those of us you can't seem to limit our selections, they of course provide baskets for further encouragement. I always end up skimming through my original pickings and narrowing my ultimate purchases to within reason though. I only left with one book today!

My favorite section, if anyone guessed... is the SciFi/Fantasy section of course! They always have a great selection of hard cover as well as paperback.

At the corner next door, is everyone's must have coffee shop with drive thru. I tend to favor their coffee over Black Forest Cafe, picking up a white mocha from here first and then browsing the bookstore followed by a quick lunch at the cafe is pretty much the norm for my schedule.

Right across the street is my dream apartment complex... Imagine getting up in the morning and being able to trot over the the hugest bookstore ever, grab your morning coffee, and snuggle up with a new book!
Apparently that luxury is not particular to me, as the rental prices for a unit here top more than a grand per month.... It somewhat reminds me of Seattle.

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