Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is one of the newest Tim Burton films produced, and as we all know, I am a huge fan.

Besides the great christmas classic The Nightmare Before Christmas of course, there are several of his movies I love. The main aspect I enjoy is really his artistic expression... but there are always other elements as well.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas- I love this one because it introduced me to the artistic variability and freedom that clay animation can achieve. His pieces specifically reminded me of Brian Froud, the artist. This is one of my all time christmas classics!

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- To be fair, I never liked the origical version because Willie Wonka always seemed evil and overly mean to me as a little person. Seeing this new version though which explained his actual history and then also changed the ending to be more of a moral and happy one, allowed me to enjoy the rest of the story. And... who didn't like Johnny Depps unique interpretation?

3. Sweeney Todd- Again, I was rather hesitant when I realized this was a musical unexpectedly and Johnny Depp doesn't really have the... training for a knock out performance that I so usually expect. But he surprised me and I really enjoyed the entire story and performance. I do like musicals though...

4. James and the Giant Peach- More creepy critters and great clay animation in this one. The story itself was more what I enjoyed which was of course a book first.

5. Sleepy Hollow- I was not expecting this film to be ironic or satirical in the least, so throughout the film I kept asking myself if I were insane or if the characters were really being humorous. Once I realized that I enjoyed the rest of the film quite well! Again... Johnny Depp appearance.

Apparently 9 was created in response to a video post on youtube which Tim Burton fund inspirational. I actually enjoyed the beginning of the film when 9 did not have a voice and had just been created. He wanders about his creator's world of diagrams, drawings, and clues with no idea and at this time you know this story could lead anywhere.

In the end it was a rather simple plot, and I had wished they could have made this more complex and involved and longer by far, but it was good for what it was. I am glad I went to the dollar theater for it though, too short to pay so much money!!


  1. Barry really want to see this. Me...not so much. I think we will buy the DVD. I like Nightmare before Christmas...but you've obviously thought it out WAY more than I ever did. I always liked it a cult classic kind of thing. I absolutely abhorred Sweeney Todd. I was like W.T.F. This is the worst thing I've ever heard! Tim Burton is blinded by his wife and favorite actor ad has finally f***** it all up. And then I went to the play with V. And they sang like Depp sang. And I was like...oh. It's SUPPOSED to sound discordant and awful lol. Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorites. I love watching it when I don't know when to put on. But I always look away when the Horseman chops the mom's head off and it rolls to where the eyes are looking through the floorboards. yeah. creepy.

    I'm off to go watch Sleepy Hollow now lol

  2. Hahaha yeah the first 20 minutes of sweeney todd i was not a happy camper. I didnt know it was going to be a musical... and yeah haha. But then I started getting the idea and ended up loving it. So creepy!!

    I dont think you should buy 9 unless you are for sure a Tim Burton fan... Like, I liked it at the dollar theater lol. Its pretty short and not very substantial in its plot so maybe just netflixing it would be better before buying it.