Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

So I think a large part of the reason I really enjoyed this movie is based on two factors.

1. Robert Downy Junior. In his most recent movies with his sober acting, I think his talent has been able to shine forth much more strongly than before and have loved watching him develop his characters.

2. The visible relation to House was so strong it was great fun analyzing the the differences and similarities! Holmes and Watson versus House and Wilson... for example? The interplay of their relationship was almost identical! If only House had stayed true to the detective work of medicine rather than focusing on the drama. :(

And of course the time frame was wonderful!! I absolutely love the costume design and this gave me great inspiration for my wedding... lots to think about hehe. Bustles and top hats oh my!!! I already knew I wanted a great bustle for my dress, but maybe vests for the men...?

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