Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Garden Shopping

Even though there are still a few weeks left until I plan on contemplating my patio garden plans again, I did visit the plant nursery next to the hospital again recently. Oh what fun!

These are a few of the styles they are growing rosemary bushes now. Obviously in the christmas theme... but I like them for any season! Aren't the shapes super cute?

I still am not sure if I want to have one window plant ledge for my patio with herbs and such, including rosemary. I need to research which herbs can grow well in the same soil and condition so that all of them prosper in the same pot. Cilantro would be great but I'm not sure it will actually grow with the other herbs... but it sure is yummy.

These were a few of the flowers that I unexpectly found and really loved. Alyssum is one I am a bit familiar with and seems to favor the conditions of Dallas and my morning sunshine filled patio. Very basic but it might look good with a couple of other flowers in a pot.

These flowers were so gorgeous all bunched together. The color just hits you all at once! It was more of a fuschia than red, but both look beautiful. Not sure if I want to go with such a strong color palette though. They do grow in other colors so I might check out those instead. I am looking for more of the soft blues and purples and whites really.

Aren't these fresh and cute as well?

Of course they are again in the red hot family of color, but I do know these come in varying colors. I can't wait to hunt for my potted plants this coming April!! So much fun!

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