Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ren Fest 2009

This year at Ren Fest I was disappointed that they did not continue the yearly tradition of creating a plot and theme. Instead they decided to create themes for each weekend. I really loved the year they did Queen Maeb and the trolls... the fairy princess was kidnapped by the troll prince for political reasons. Ah the intrigue!!! Sadly there were no plays this year to enjoy, but the christmas decorations were fun.
P.S. The cameras that I used were the disposable, and they stink.

This was at the entrance while all the actors were arguing about whatnot and the rest of us were just impatiently waiting for them to let us all stampede the place.

These were the chapels and gardens where people sometimes get married. I definitely would never do that... because who wants a bunch of strangers all up in your special day? But I do love how all the ivy completely covers this building!!!

I always love people watching and enjoying the creativity of their costumes. This was by far my favorite, even though it is completely the wrong era historically!!! But my favorite so ah well lol. A Victorian festival would probably not be the most fun... Im good on needle point thank you very much.

This creature is an Ent!!! I was so excited to find one I just had to run up to him!!! If only there were more wandering around...
I was also surprised to find several venetian mask stands scattered about the grounds. Surprised and happy! I ended up not indulging though (yay for discipline!) as I am happy with my collection right now and really wanted to concentrate on finding some wall art for behind my lovely green barrel tufted couch.

A few of the shops I found wandering about included this one by an artist. I actually stayed here for about half an hour rummaging through all the different prints trying to decide which piece to purchase. I ended up buying 6 different 4 x 6 post cards at a great price, and then went home and placed them each in matted 8 x 10 espresso stained wood frames. I hung 4 of them up above the couch arrayed in a vertical rectanglur pattern. As soon as they were hung I felt so satisfied!! I definitely chose the perfect collection... they each are sort of vignettes of fairies and are all in the green and brown, forest color range. I love them! And the shop was just such fun.
These are some of the abundant food shops lining the entire festival. My mom had to indulge in the kettle korn, and I had some of that in the morning, followed by my turkey sandwhich I had packed for lunch (yay for being thrifty!!). I didn't get the beef jerkey that I so love this time, but now that I am older I realize that there is always next year!! :P I am so getting a sausage on a stick then too!

We also got to get lost in the labyrinth again!! I wish they had a real hedge maze... but I guess that it too much to ask... Ah well. This was just as fun! Once you reach the center you ring the large bell, and then climb up the stairs to overlook the entire expanse. This is just one section of it.

These little critters were creatures I found in one of the many little shops. Again, so cute!


  1. It looks like you had tons of fun! I wish I could have gone with you. Next year we're going together!!

  2. yeah it would have been really awesome to go with you!!! i would have loved to see more shows than only the one but they were too raunchy for mom... and we can chill at the sea pub too!!