Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Bedroom

Now that I finally purchased a lamp (that's right Maria hehe, I found mine at Marshalls right before christmas!) for my bedroom, I feel like everything is set up almost adequately enough for a blog. Here it is!!
I of course made the headboard, and the bedset was one of the first things I purchased moving into my new place back in the summer.

To the left is my wall length closet which I covered with sheer black curtains instead of the gold framed mirrored doors there previously.

And of course on the right are my patio doors! I would love to find a great hook to keep the curtain covering the glass door open but all in good time.

And of course, my new lamp!! I bought both the lamp base and the shade for $30.00, and its pretty much exactly what I wanted. I am thinking about using the same thick black velvet ribbon to create a border near the bottom of the shade, but with a large double bow not centered on one side of the shade for some interest... I haven't convinced myself it would be better though.

And its the foot of my bed!

I don't have enough room for a bench or couch but meh. I needed a place to store some extra shoes (all my heels are behind my door on a rack), my project supplies, and other things so this worked perfectly. I simply bought two bookcases from walmart, fabriced the back, and threw everyting onto them.

Don't you love these containers though??! I found them at Target early this year and ended up buying them half off online much later. They have been perfect for my fabric, yarn, and other supples.

Now I just need a great chandelier instead of the fan... one more framed black and white photo to create a threesome above my bed, to hang the headboard, maybe a black faux fur throw, and some kicknacks thrown in!

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  1. That is a lot of silver lol. Looks good though and I love the lamp! I really like the idea of fabricing the back of the bookshelves.

    Good job!