Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Animal Crossing: Gamecube versus Wii

My sister's random bog inspired me in my own game post. She asked her readers to post comments with their favorite video games for fun, and this reminded me of mine!

I was introduced to Animal Crossing a year ago from my roommate in the Gamecube format and was addicted from the beginning. It was at the end of the semester around the holidays so it had that extra charm to it.

What I love about this game are as follows:

1. There are several things you get to collect throughout the game including fossils, fish, bugs and such that all accumulate in the museum. Certain species can only be found in certain seasons and times of the day which requires a more spaced out playing time.

2. The timing is in real time, which can get a little frustrating at times because the store hours are only open at set times and certain peddlars and events occur scheduled. This adds a more realistic element to the game though and makes playing each day more motivating and exciting.

3. The goal of the game is to pay off your mortgage and then debt, but as you do you also get to decorate your little house, and then renovate and decorate some more! Such fun!

4. Finally, you get to do little quests and jobs for your fellow neighbors and are rewarded with special gifts which is probably my favorite part.

The Animal Crossing Wii seems a little too busy for me, but I like the fact that you can chat with other animal crossing players at the same time and visit eachother. I can be comfortably resting in my living room with my fire and be chatting away with just anyone and go fishing together! So cute.

Here is the gamespot review for the GameCube version. It did pretty well by the critics.


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