Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wimberly TX

Yet another little town that is fun to wander about!

I visited this place (near Austin) last winter, and there are a few differences from Fredericksburg but still somewhat similar.

1. The town is centered more around the square rather than one long street, so that walking around visiting several stores is much easier.

2. There are no antique mall stores persey, rather little boutiques instead with antiques in them. I found a great little hat with netting that actually covered my whole face! Every one I find seems to barely even reach an eyebrow let alone my nose hehe.

3. There are also several art galleries scattered about which are always interesting to scavenge through. These two little critters I found in a store full of fun painted signs and other art pieces.

We actually didn't need to stop and eat anything (although there is a great italian restaurant right at the square) because so many of the shops have crackers and pretzels with local dips. We ended up purchasing a couple bags of seasoning for dips cause they were so yummy! Because of the christmas season, they also had hot cider and wasale too! One new store call Taste Buds, which you can definitely smell at the square, is entirely devoted to barbecue sauses, salsas, dips, mustards, honey butters, and chocolates. The mexican spiced hot chocolate was my fav by far! Mmmmmm.

After eating all those yummy saltly crackers with dip, I had to get something to drink.... yay for Coca Cola in a bottle woot!

One of the stores had a huge display of jeweled picture frames and reminded me of my mantle display! I would have loved to pic up another for my collection, buuuut alas for money. Definitely not a priority as hobby lobby always has a stock.


  1. You're so pretty with your hat and coke bottle!!!

    I agree with you on the picture frames. I think you should stick to Hobby Lobby, but maybe save up for a really high quality one. That's what I do.

    I hope that we are able to make this trip. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love little towns!

  2. I know!! There are like three all around Austin... at least that I have been to! Its just fun to meander through different shops and find things. They have an awesome vintage lingerie shop too hehe but it was closed when we went there.