Monday, November 8, 2010

White Porcelain Dream

I finally decided on a display for my porcelain tea pots, pitchers, and tea cups!!!

I have had a mild obsession for about a year now, and shopping around Marshalls and Home Goods has definitely not improved the situation!

I couldn't figure out the best way to display my growing collection though, until Tyler randomly handed over a shelf that came with her new house... What a surprise!

I then was vascillating between which wall to mount it on, because although asthetically I liked this wall next to the kitchen of while cabinets, my usual rule is to place some type of mirror across from the wall of windows/patio doors. The effect is to double the amount of natural light in my small apartment basically. In the end asthetics won out over function, and I am happy with my decision!

Since there is a chair rail on this wall as well, that added to the decision making process...

I am so in love with the green I chose splashed up against the white!!! Its just what I wanted! It just exudes freshness to me.

I also plan on purchasing a couple of clear plate holders from Hobby Lobby this weekend and adding in a couple of my porcelain plates to the background. Eventually I would like one or two more larger pitchers as well. Ah joy.


  1. The shelf worked out really well! And yes you have a serious addiction lol It all looks nice, if a little bit crowded.

  2. I actually like the crowded look... at least with porcelain. If they were colorful I wouldnt set it up that way, but since they are all monochromatic white I like the visual effect of the above.