Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art project

I am so relieved and happy to be able to finally indulge my amatuer artistic vision! :P

After doing yet another portrait to get my feet wet, I really got inspired to create an actual art piece on my own. Mainly the painting I wanted for my living room, didnt exist lol. So this is what happens when you can visualize things too well; frustration. Thankfully I think it will be fun to go about working on this.

The overall scheme is a chick dressed up in a masquerade ball gown with the mask and gloves and everything running through a hedge maze. The view will be an angled arial shot from above and to the side facing the girl to best show both the labyrinth and the girl. My plan is to purchase some sort of dressy ballgown costume that will provide the necessary shadow direction and cloth texturing I need to do this well for a model/friend to pose in. I have a great mask already and I plan on heading out to the Arboretum and using a few hedges they have there for the close up background for modeling purposes, but then using a real maze to create the background of the picture.

This picture was one I liked, although my view will be just a bit higher up I think, and I don't know if I want the foresty theme or a more english grand garden theme... less trees and maybe a building tower structure instead.
I am definitely looking forward to having fun with this! It feels so great to actually have that vision and inspiration finally. Now I wish I had the guts to try painting...

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