Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Le Boudoir!

Yay for the bedroom!! Ok so the color scheme was set on black, blue, silver, and white because my bed was going to be black (thank goodness to Jen's generosity). Buuut, having it set up in my room made me realize that I can just keep the frame and the bed, and remove the foot and headboard and create a new upholstered one!! I purchased the plywood (5' x 4' and lighter than particle board for hanging on the wall) already and I have had the silver fabric for a long time. I drilled holes in the board so that I can create a tufted look once I get the batting and fabric on it. I thought about using another fabric to cover the buttons to tie in all the black, but then realized that I actually do not have to continue with black at all if I don't want to... This has caused much perplexion on my part!!

Also I have not decided if I want to create a more detailed look like the one on the left (excpet I have a queen :D) or a basic simpler one like the right. Also I can just do inward curved corners for an inbetween look... I just love all the white and cream! Stupid black.

My closet is basically an entire wall that I removed the sliding mirror doors and bought some sheer black curtains to hang over the opening, and then was going to get black faux silk curtains to hang along the bedroom patio doors opposite the closet. This would of course be a lot of black... and if I dont have to continue with this theme..... Maybe I can just stick with white and silver and glass. My lamp is glass and I can just purchase a new shade and throw some edged beading on it.

My bedset is blue silver with blue embroidered white sheets. I also purchased a little chandelier that either I will pair with another to hang above each endtable, or center above the bed. Its not too expensive though.

If I continue with the black theme though, I have another painting I would LOVE to throw into the mix as well as a great chandelier that is dramatic enough to put above the bed. Then I also wouldn't have to buy new panels for the closet... and I do like black....

I just love this painting. The black chandelier has the same fabric as the closet panels too.

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  1. On the headboards, I love the way the curve of the left one allows for the chandeliers. Just my opinion :) I'm trying to figure out my headboard too. Not going too well. I saw the chandelier idea before and I really loved it but I'm afraid that the chandelier (at night) will create more of a fragmented, sharp light instead of a soothing soft light. I'm not sure and I can't make up my mind. :) Happy Hunting.