Monday, September 14, 2009

Crappy Cover = Crappy Book?

After my trip to Half Price last weekend, I started reading Aurian, which I had previously read in high school and remembered enjoying, in order to be able to read Harp of Winds, one of the new books I picked up.

I read the entire thing and feel horrified I thought at one point this book was ever interesting. The first 7 chapters are good and then any attempt at characterization and plot just simply fails. Once I started the second book, hoping at least this one might validate my purchase, I was again sorely disappointed.

Lame book as well.

In this instance, judging the book by its cover would have been a wiser choice on my part.

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  1. lol that's how I feel about the Vampire Diaries (which is now a tv series *gag*). It was great when I read it in junior high, but now...not so much. There's a really great fanfic based on it though that is so much better :)

    But at least you can return the books. :)