Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring and Summer Madness

Yay for finally being able to walk outside without my fingers stiffening with frost bite! Spring time is here and I am super excited about all the possibilities. Reminiscent of Maria's summer time post, I decided it would be productive, now that the MCAT studying is officially on the shelf as of now, to come up with my own list of things I am looking forward to doing now.

1. Guadelupe tubing trip- this time the water level will actually be high!

2. Canton antique festival- they have a monthly antique show about a hour outside of Dallas

3. Ft. Worth farmer's market- this place has a bunch of crap that I don't need but for some reason enjoy walking around anyway

4. Six flags- roller coasters!!! I will bring lots of water this time...

5. Dallas Aquarium- just because I can. Its in a fun area downtown too so I think it will be fun just to spend the day down there.

6. Dallas Arboretum- they will finally have flowers!! And I have a free pass for this whole year as well which helps

7. Murder mystery dinner- so I have been wanting to do one of these for awhile now since it has been a couple of years since the last one. I just need 7 other people to want to as well lol.

8. Grilling/Pool party- I have a tiny grill, a cute patio, and a great pool side view, so of course!

9. Pete's Piano Bar- dualing pianist performers and lots of beer!

10. Complete 2 full portrait sketches- so I am working on one right now, but I need another inspiration to fulfill this.

11. Ballroom dancing lessons- keeping fingers crosses I can possibly start this in the fall or at the middle of summer.

12. Sky diving trip- maaaaaybe.

13. Work on clay figurines- just another random fun project

14. Rock climbing adventure- I want to at least try this once!

15. White water rafting trip- very expensive, so maaaaaaybe.

16. Camping trip with kayaking- not very expensive, so Yes!

17. Monterey and San Fransisco Cali vacation!!!- So uber excited about this u have no idea. Definitely will be the highlight for sure.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaah this made me so excited for summer!! By the way, you should definitely go sky diving.

  2. Hahaha I know you sneaky pest! Its definitely something I want to do, although not as high as some of the others hehe. I can always do that... I wonder about going up in an air balloon. hmmmmm

  3. I would love to do a murder mystery dinner! I heard about them a couple of years ago and I was really interested...and then I forgot what they were called and couldn't remember anything about them except that I wanted to do this thing...with a house.... lol

    And six flags! I haven't been on a rollercoaster in years! And they shut down astro world. hm. :)

    I'm really excited about your list!!! It all sounds like a lot of fun. And I'm definitely looking forward to laying out by your pool.

  4. this summer= fun hehe! Yes the murder mystery parties are just so hilarious! The last one we did everyone had props for their characters, like pipes and hats and notepads and jewelry and such since thats cheaper than going all out and is still super fun. You have like a huge map of the house where the murder happened with music for the background, and each character gets their own little book of info. Each round you find out more about your character and what you "saw" that mysterious night... and you get to accuse your fellow players and question people and create suspense and suspicion! And of course, you dont find out if even you are the killer until the last round! So funny!

    And of course roller coasters hehe!