Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flowers Make Spring Magical

Finally pictures of my very own flowers!! Its been hard to get good pics since during the morning sunlight hours I am at work, so the full effect will not be felt until I am able to take some pictures during this time. Few more weeks...

These are my geraniums! I have a wonderful pot of these lilac pinkish and white flowers that I absolutely love. They are super easy to care for as well.

I have to water everything more often then I expected, but its actually sort of enjoyable and rewarding to see them all happy when I do.

Its amazing how quickly the flower buds change when you water them!

Next, I have a hanging basket of rosemary (it smells soooo good!) with these bellflowers and a little alyssum just to add some depth into the mix. The bluebells were such a surprise when I stumbled across them but I absolutley love them.

I heart their shape and color! They are definitely blue but they do have a hint of purple hehe.

Now for the drummond phlox!! I know I know they are really pink hehe, but they didn't really have the blue purple color I wanted so this worked well. Look at all the flowers hat bloom on it!

Drum roll pleeeeeeease.... My hydrangeas! They are the perfect perfect color blue. Once they get used to the soil in the pot I think they may start turning a bit purplish, so i will have to keep maintaining a balance using a pH lowering fertilizer.

I am so happy with them though! I wish wish wish I could have a whole backyard fence lined with these bushes hehe.

I planted a bit of creeping jenny with them as well just to add a bi of trailing color to the pot. The bright green just seems so friendly to me...

I still haven't figured out what this flower is!? They look exactly like daisies except a lilac color... What ARE these?!!!


  1. They're lovely! All of them!!!

    The hydrangeas are beautiful! I might have to buy some more to see if I can keep them alive. Maybe I'll pot them instead of putting them in the ground. :)

    And I love that hanging basket!

    Well done my love!! :D

    And I have no clue what those flowers are called. Take a pic and take it with you to a nursery, they might be able to tell you.

  2. two brilliant ideas! yes i think potting a few hydrangeas at first and then transferring them once you get them going might just be the key! I can't imagine the beauty of a whole fence lined in huge bushes of them... and of course they change hue depending on pH so if you want them pink they will naturally turn that color in the houston soil. If you want them blue or purple you can add pH lowering formula to the soil around the plants every few weeks.

    and what a brilliant idea about the nursery! I cant drop by Carroway's during lunch next week! Thank you!! Just brilliant... hehe!

  3. oommmgmgggg I love the hydrangeas. So pretty! I love your garden!