Monday, February 22, 2010

Server Ware

I know I didn't get married or have a baby opr anything, but I still think I have the right to a great server ware collection and some good pots and pans! With that in mind, I found a set of salt n pepper shakers at Marshalls that I think are pretty cute and go with what I want. The porcelain isn't quite right, so I think I will still be keeping my eyes out for a set that is whiter, but for now they will do nicely.

I really think they are pretty cute!

While I was on my shopping expedition, I also decided to purchase a few more serving bowls and trays. I decided to show my collection as of now below. The large trays and baking dish are from walmart, the small bowls and spoon tray from target, and the others are odds and ends from Ross.

I also want to get some more bake ware, a soup tureen from Target, measuring spoons and cups all in white porcelain, as well as stainless steel serving utensils. Each one of those can cost more than $5.00 so I am saving those purchases for another time.

I like the gold tablecloth with the porcelain too!! My living room curtain panels are exactly the same and with the white crown molding everywhere it just pulls the look together.

I did get another tablecloth as well though! I really like how the design isn't so bold, but still adds visual interest. This of course, was another find at Ross for $5.00. It is so hard not spending money when you find such great deals....


  1. omg! You have quite the collection! I've heard you talking about it but I just never imagined it was so big now! Good job!

    One note about stainless steel utensils is that they get watermarks on them and its really irritating. If you're just getting a couple it wont take a long time to polish but we have a cutlery set from ikea that is really awesome but every time someone comes over we (meaning I lol) have to polish the silverware so that people don't think we don't wash our stuff lol.

    I like the gold tablecloth better but that's just me :)

  2. Hmmmm arg. I have stainless steel silverware so I do know what you mean... Arg. I just want some utensils that look really nice you know?

    Maybe considering I don't entertain it wouldnt be too crazy to get some anyways just in case, but then just continue to use my wooden spoons and such otherwise. I just hate the black rubber hehe.

    Yeah, the gold looks awesome,I just get tired of so much shimmer after awhile lol. The white gives my brain a rest I guess. I have a lot of gold and red in that area so having the option of a pretty white tablecloth is I think necessary for anyone...

    Target had a ton of black striped silk tablecloths too which might be awesome for Halloween! They were only 2.00 since they had been clearanced so much, but I decided not to go that route lol!

  3. Take a look at Walmart, last time I check they had some really pretty bamboo serving ware but it wasn't blah, they stained it a deep cherry red (but you could still see the wood grain) it would give a nice natural feel to the table but still pop against the white. :)