Friday, February 12, 2010


I have been waiting for this, for several years now. It snowed!! The entire day yesterday! From morning to midnight, large real snowflakes drifted down over everything. It was so beautiful. This first picture is from my patio that morning, and the following was this morning once the snow storm had left.

Look at the difference in the snow loading all the tree branches!!

We actually hit the record for the most snowfall in one day EVER in Dallas. We hit more than 8 inches I know so far.

Before last night, the pathway to my car from my apartment looked like this.....:

This morning when I left for work bright and early, this is what it looked like. I literally had to dig myself out! I still think it was awesome though!!!!

Since I had to work today, I am hoping nothing much melts today so that tomorrow I can enjoy all the white beauty.


  1. Holy cow I didn't know it could actually snow that much in TX! I'm glad I found your blog again... I lost the link and then saw it on your fb page!

    Speaking of snow, we are totally snowed in here in Cincinnati and they cancelled school two days in a row-- they NEVER cancel school here because of snow. It's awesome! Anyway love/miss you girl!


  2. Yay so glad you are on blogger!!! I am going to follow you now toos hehe!!

    Yeah, here it was pretty crazy. You must be so used to boots and jackets now lol. Do you have a fireplace there? I do, but no fireplace tools yet... I really wanted to start one when this happened. I love roaring fires!