Monday, February 22, 2010

Beverage Bar

So even though no one lives up here... and so entertaining pretty much never happens, I always want the option!

Therefore, I am slowly working on getting a sort of beverage bar set up for drinks and things. Obviously this is low on my priority list, but I have fun looking.

Right now, I am using the media stand for this since I have my stereo in my room now. I had only two red wine glasses for quite awhile, but this weekend I found sets of 6 (I didn't want 4 cause that is too lame lol) of champagne and white wine glasses from the same brand (circle ware) at Ross.

$10.00 for both! Ross always has glass ware but this was a deal I hadn't yet seen and couldn't pass up....

When I took them out of their casings they were so much heavier than I expected! I definitely think I made the right decision. 4 pairs is just too limiting, but I also don't want to waste a ton of money on excessive glasses as well...

Now I have to actually purchase some Vodka to try out a few cocktails! Maybe champagne will be first though... hmmmmm.


  1. They look great!! I love the champagne flutes!! I've always wanted to buy some...but we don't drink champagne so it's low on the list. I may have to bump them up...

    ...and I may have to start shopping at ross lol

  2. Yes you should!!! Ross and Marshalls are so awesome for finding things like this hehe.

    I will probably be drinking cocktails out of them for sure even without champagne just cause they are so pretty hehe.