Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful People

So I created a list of all the women I think are beautiful, apparently randomly lol.

Scarlet Johansen represents the casual sexiness of a typical american female. Her facial features are so great: beautiful cheek bones, great nose shape, and perfect luscious lips. Arg the envy haha.

Do we have to mention her perfect body shape? She has some meat on her bones, but I think her proportion knows where to put it! Talk about great great body shape...

Kim Kardashian is pretty much the exact same body type with the same facial features. She is like the darkenend dusky version hehe.

Anne Hathaway is my next pick. Her facial features are also rather prominant, but I think she has more of a light friendly look to her. I do love the dark dark hair and porcelain skin!!

If I could have any features I definitely would want dark dark curls with green eyes and porcelain skin.

Finalement, Natalie Portman! Ok, not your typical but she is so cute! She is just a natural wonderful beauty. Very ethereal I guess.

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