Thursday, February 11, 2010

Campground Sites

After hunting online endlessly for campground sites within driving distance of my apartment, and feeling almost hopeless of finding anything remotely appealing, I finally stumbled upon a perfect website that had everything I needed to find the best places!!

This first site is Caddo Lake State Park, the only natural lake in Texas. I really like not only that there are trees everywhere (not the usual ones I lvoe but at this point I am not greedy) but that it has a lake! There are canoe and paddle boat rentals as well so I plan on exploring the lake thoroughly the weekend that I go. I can't wait for the weather to warm up!!

This next one is quite close to the other: Martin Creek Lake State Park. The most exciting thing about this site is that theres actually an island on the lake connected by a bridge to the mainland. The island has tent camp sites so I am looking forward so much to that! So much fun! And of course there are boat rentals here as well....

This last place is actually west of Dallas rather than east, and the vegetation shows this. The great thing about Lake Mineral Wells State Park though is Penitentiary Hollow Trail. Its a perfect site for rock climbers and rappelers and such, but can be hiked as well. Who doesn't love feeling like a kid again climbing all sorts of rocks?? There is also a great biking trail too, so yet another plan.

Oh how I can't wait for the warmer weather to set in... although its snowing at this very moment outside right now which is pretty awesome. I need snow boots hehe.


  1. THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! I'm so excited!!!

    The first one looks a bit creepy, I'm not going to lie lol. But I love the idea of boating the lakes via paddleboat or canoe or whatev.

    I ESPECIALLY love the Lake Mineral Wells State Park! I love the rappelling opportunities and just the general ability to climb something NOT a tree!!!

    I HAVE to come up and see you...when it gets a bit warmer lol.

  2. muahahahaha I am just going to keep coming up with ingenious ideas to keep that drive fresh in yous hehe. We will have so much fun I knows. I think the creepy bog will be really fun if we do like a camping, smores, story telling, creepy thing to scare eachother! I wonder what sounds we will hear....

    but yes the climbing will be super fun! less trees there so the lake itself isnt as scenic and fun to explore, but it will be more active I think. I am just so glad you and I get to have fun with this hehe!