Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion Friday: Rose Gold

{Jeans: H&M}
{Shoes: Payless}
{Bag: F21}
My top is a peasant top I have had for several years.

I literally have a post from 2010 with this same shirt lol! I definitely feel like my fashion style has improved thank goodness. I guess one good thing about aging lol.

Yet another item I have been able to stay in love with and style with the current fashion! For the winter I plan on pairing it with thick knit cream or black cardigan.

Usually my lip makeup is neutral which accentuates the eyes (my personal favorite look) but I think part of being young and female is embracing fun new looks!  

I have literally never worn bright lipstick before... craziness! But since everyone is doing it lol, I thought I would give it a shot. Red is pretty popular right now, especially with the arrival of fall, and since I am transitioning from the springish summery color pink, red of course was just around the corner :P

Love the fall!

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