Thursday, November 1, 2012


My first and original costume for this year, was Indiana Jones, as perviously shown hehe.
This costume was for a fun little collaberative party Friday night before Halloween! I had such a fun time!Pretty much the easiest costume to create ever. I could have done more, but since our office decided to do a collaberative theme this year which would not include my costume, I decided to split funds and invest in some DIY materials.

For my Alice in Wonderland costume, I chose to be The White Queen.

The White Queen was in Through The Looking Glass, and lives backwards through time, so she says some odd things in the book like "Would you like to have tea yesterday?". Anne Hathaway played her character in Tim Burton's recent film.

 I am very lucky tulle is so inexpensive... Many future halloween costumes will likely somehow involve this fabric lol.

I had fun experimenting with the makeup lol. I definitely think next time I will be more liberal with the black to create a more pronounced mask.

I wanted to have a white or light blonde wig, or at the very least spray paint my hair white... but ah well.

1. I just used some white and silver eye shadow over a white cream base to create the simple mask look. And of course added fun fake eyelashes! Nextt time, more glitter lol!
2. I love my homemade paper crown! I cut it out of a sturdy silver glitter paper, and attached it to a headband.
3. I purchased many many yards ot tulle at the fabric store (super inexpensive) and just tied strips to a ribbon. I wore this over a white skirt and stockings.

{Alice, The Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, The Rabbit, The Red Queen, The White Queen}
Halloween evening I spent with my gals watching movies and snacking hehe. Linsdey was Alice coincidentally!

I ended the night doing some knitting lol... its not a party if there isn't knitting happening hehe.
I really enjoyed having both a weekend of loud socializing and fun, and also a more low key classic halloween with close friends. Lovely year!

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  1. Both awesome ideas for costumes. Very creative and very cool looking. It took me a while to figure out where the White Queen came from. I kept thinking about the Disney version and I haven't read Through the Looking Glass yet but then I watched Tim Burton's version the other day and remembered she was in that one.