Thursday, November 15, 2012

Harry Moss Park

This past weekend, I had to make a trip to the park to... wait for it... literally pick up sticks lol.

Yes, that's right. There are two projects for thanksgiving I wanted to create this year, both of which necessitate branches. Hence, my trip Saturday to my nearby park.

And I love this park! Its so natural and pretty! Dallas' Aboretum is very sculpted and has pretty much no trees and I have never liked it, so wandering along in this park was truly wonderful. And the leaves have finally changed colors to reflect the season!

I am making a Thanksgiving Tree this year, by arranging branches in one of my white porcelain pitchers and hanging paper leaves with ribbon on them. Each day this month, I am writing down something specific I am thankful for, and adding it to the tree. So on Thanksgiving day, I can read all the little things in my life that bring me joy! :D 

So in love with Autumn!

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