Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stuart and Amber Michnick's Wedding: June 2011

Eeeeeeep! This event was such a crazy crazy experience, and amazingly fun! To start out the story, Stuart, a fellow NSC buddy from college, did invite me to his wedding through text message. Unfortunately, I never received the actual invitation and therefore assumed he was just being polite... Bad idea lol.

Literally, a couple of weeks ago Sunday evening, I received a text message from our mutual friend asking "Are you at the wedding?". I, sitting on my couch studying oh so serenely, immediately proceeded to freak out. I followed this with a mad procession of texts back getting all the details, while rushing to change and get ready to speed over to the wedding local.

I was completely ready and waiting for him to reply with the address in 20 minutes (record time!) and of course, his phone reception was lagging, and I didn't get a reply for another 10 minutes. I immediately hopped into my car, and rushed over to the "Swinging Ranch", which lucky for me was about 20 minutes from my apartment! And they live in Houston!

I missed the ceremony (sadness!!!) but here are some of the beautiful photos! Everyone knows how... particular I am with details, and I was so impressed with the choices Amber made! She is a very active tomboyish girl, and so usually is very dressed down and cute, but this day she was so amazingly beautiful and glowing! She looked exactly how a bride should look, and she's so photogenic!!!

She's so pretty!!!

It was a Jewish wedding!!! They stomped on the glass and everything! 

Ok, this is one of the more romantic ones. Awwwwww. It makes me happy inside. All warm and fuzzy.

Ok, I didn't really need to know about their exploits in the boudoir! Hehehe. She didn't know what she was getting into apparently lol!

Everyone had so much fun!!! Especially Amber...

Jeff didn't actually catch the garter, but as Stuarts little brother did (he's a baby in HS), he tossed it to Jeff for backup lol.

This is pretty much the only photo I am in lol. Jeff, Lisa, and I muscled our way up to the front to watch the cutting of the cake! Lisa is in the front in the white dress, and Jeff's main squeeze for the past several years (wedding bells anyone lol?). I totally thought that the cake was really the groomsman's cake, but No! Ha lol it works for them though; they both are outdoors people and I thought it was sweet. : P

Another romantic one! Yay!

 Happiness and Joy for all the Years to Come.


  1. Aw! She looked so freaking pretty! :) Love the dress, and I really love those shoes!

    Also, I would choose the color photo where they are dancing for the oval framing we were talking about. I think the black and white one on the bridge is too vague.

    And I love the new color scheme on your blog! It is so fresh!

  2. Aw thank you!!! Yea I just kind of thought since my bedroom is this scheme and I am loving it... maybe I should apply it here hehe. I agree lol!

    Ok deal! I think that is the best option too... its just such a sweet photo! I love love hahaha