Monday, July 25, 2011

Sarah + Jason

Ok. This event occured in December, on the 19th, in 2009. And I just realized I never posted about it! How could this be!!! I have decided to rectify this immediately: hence, this awesome post.

The groom is running!!! Get him, boys!

Aw, Sarah's Daddy! I know he cried, I just
know it.

 OOoooo. The hall was really pretty!

All us gals, being silly. Too much to drink, me thinks. ; P

 I actually just really like the line of this.

Their love for dramatic flair! To be expected with two opera performers lol.

Veronica caught the bouquet!!!

Two of the groomsmen were also majoring in music at Texas State, and sang Sinatra aaaall night long. It was lovely.


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