Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Masterpiece Monday: Ren Fest Inspiration

I started out with the bottom portion of the dress, which was fun, and then finished the rest sort of unenthusiastically lol. The face was actually pretty funny to do, because my pencil sharpener currently is a failure so trying to do any sort of minute detailing was pretty impossible. The result is really just where the blunted tip decided to fall on the page lol. But I finished it, so I am proud of overcoming that part anyways. 

This was... a random thought. Maybe one day I will actually work on an actual piece for this concept, but in the meantime I just thought it would be fun to do. And it was! Silliness, can be fun. This is why I like to draw from reality though... lol

My next project! I thought I would throw in a teaser hahaha.


  1. Ok. That freaking balloon guy is freaking adorable. And you're new one is very compelling.

    You know what would be a fun series for you to try? Funny faces. You are so good as making beautiful faces I think it would be a fun exercise for you to try and draw something not so eloquent. Also, I think it would be interesting for you to do drawings in which you have to add makeup (not color, just the shading). For instance, I take a photo of my face without makeup and then you would have to add eyeliner and the shading on the cheeks where the blush should be. :)

    Now, about the bustle lady. The detailing on the dress is freaking awesome, well done! As you said you finished it unenthusiastically and you had pencil malfunctions so what I'm going to say may have no relevance :) but is she a bit disproportionate or did your scanner freak out again? Or maybe it is the way her arms wrap around her midsection? iono. It is still a great sketch thought. :)

  2. What do you mean by funny faces?? I def would do the makeup thing to, that wouldn't be very hard at all...

    Yeah the head is larger than it should be for sure, i just didn't care to change it lol. I didn't really like her dress except for the bottom so after I finished that section, I kind of was like eh. I think from now on instead of pushing through something that I am not really interested in, I am just going to leave the sketch portion unfinished...

  3. I like the idea of leaving it unfinished, that way you could come back to it later which I know is unlikely but you could if you felt the gumption to do so. :)

    Goofy faces, like kiss-y faces, super surprised faces. Faces that aren't quite so eloquent or stately. :)

  4. oh you mean expression lol! Not goofy, just emotional. Yeah no it would be great, its just difficult to find good references for that