Monday, August 29, 2011

Coffee cup cozies!

I was so excited when I found this pattern while browsing Etsy and finding this shop!

Little did I suspect the frustration that was yet to come...

The knitting pattern itself I am happy I purchased because I not only learned this really cool new cable, but also how to make a button toggle! Unfortunately, the heat from the coffee ends up stretching the yarn within 5 minutes of use, and the cozy subsequently slips down off the mug. Stupid product! And yet there are so many people out there selling this product! Arg!

I am now planning on converting this to a button free design like this one to use for Starbucks coffee. Of course, I will have to purchase a mug in that shape as well, but eh. At least I will not have wasted all the time knitting lol!

I am so going to make a scarf using this cable stitch in the center, bordered by stripes about 5 stitches outward from the cable! Hopefully that will look just as good... 

This was one I knit in one evening for a friend before I realized the problem with the design... I don't think I will reuse this, since I would like a couple more stiches between the cable and stripes, and I would like the stripes to be about half as thick.


  1. Absolutely! Im just happy your product... works hahaha.