Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knitting: Red Riding Hood

I purchased this pattern on Etsy from While They Play a few months ago. Unfortunately, after I had completed the actual hood, front hood border, and the collar, I realized that I had not picked up enough stitches for the collar... When faced with the necessary task of reknitting in rib the collar, I put my work aside for quite a few weeks with anticipatory dread...

A few nights ago, I decided to attempt the task again and proceeded to cut away the useless knitted collar: until I realized I was snipping away at the hood bordering the face and NOT the collar at all!

Ack! No! C'est Horrible!

So, now I must not only reknit in rib the 12 rows for the collar, but also the 24 rows for the hood border!


It will be worth it in the end though! I chose a grey yarn to use, and found these simply fabulous black buttons from Joannes.

Honestly, the inspiration for knitting this piece was a trip I took with my mom a few years ago during christmas. We were spending the day shopping at the outlet mall in San Marcos, south of Austin, and I swear it was the windiest coldest day outside EvEr! We survived though and still had great fun (possible with cold weather, not possible with heat).

Never again will the North Wind catch me off guard on a shopping day!

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