Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dining In!

I have finally completed one room to my general satisfaction!!! Ack! There are still a few things that I could change of course and improve upon, but as it stands I am very happy, and relieved ha!

This was the table originally donated to me, by my coworker, Paula! Free!!! She has had this table for more than 10 years, and it has now passed on to me to live a lovely magical life! I most certainly felt very badly about painting the lovely color, but it just wouldn't fit in right without the makeover... 

These chairs I found at an antique store in Fredericksburg while shopping for christmas presents with my mom. They weren't exactly what I had been looking for, so we actually left the town that day without buying them at all! They kept nagging me though all through the night, and the next morning I asked if we could drive back, and she said yes! 

They were a bit pricey ($180.00) for four of them, which splits to $45.00 each. I had initially thought to find something for around $25.00 each, but craigslist failed me, and none of the stores I searched had anything interesting let alone a steal. So all in all, I am happy with them. 

I was going to paint them white and upholster them (which I still might do), but I have yet to discover how exactly to remove the leather backing lol.

My made over piano bench! I found this also at Fredericksburg, for $15.00!! Such a great find! It was originally dark dark brown with a brownish blue tratty old fabric covering. I painted, reupholstered and bought some green and white striped fabric (the green really is the same color as the walls and linens, I promise) and voila!

These are the linens I found at Marshalls! I also have the tablecloth, but only like to pull that out when my table is in danger hehe.

I love white porcelain!! Ack! Hehehe this I found at Marshalls as well.

I have been hunting and hunting for a suitable art piece for the large empty wall, and finally gave in to my night time crazy. I broke in my new paint brushes and got brush happy hehehe!

This was the little idea sketch I had going on, and I was thinking of attempting a great big oak tree, but decided in the end the result wouldn’t be worth the effort lol. Hence the more traditional border…

It's so fun to paint on your walls!!!


  1. Thanks! Just a bit of silliness and fun hehe. :P