Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Jay's Blanket of Dreams

C'est fini!

It only took me forever and a day lol, but I finally cracked down and completed Justace's blanket this weekend. It's a bit longer and narrower than planned... but eh. I am at least happy with the overall appearance and feel lol.
I hope it will be useful in the coming colder months for my little blue jay.

He doesn't look very excited hahaha.

1. Yarn- Lion Brand Baby's First
2. Hook size- J
3. Pattern- repeated stripes of single crochet stitch
 P.S. I seriously am in love with this yarn! It only comes in limited colors, but its so soft and yummy!

I really like how the single crochet stitch looks, so I am happy I completely randomly chose that particular stitch.

I wasn't sure how I was going to finish it exactly (ie border) but in the end since I actually started with a big blue stripe, I thought I would just use that as a beginning and work my way around. I like the look of using middle tone color...

Each color stripe required 4 different yarn ends I had to work into the stitching, and while I tried to research a more efficient full proof method of anchoring them, apparently you really only can work the ends in and hope for the best lol. Thank goodness it's only a tiny tot blanket, so if he destroys it after a season no big loss there. I have no idea how our blankets lasted!

{To see the project details on Ravelry, just click the button above!}

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