Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Link Party 2012

Yet another introduction to the shortest and best season: Fall. Driving home from work just yesterday the leaves were blowing across the roads and that indefinable smell of Autumn permeated the air. I loved it.
This year I am enjoying a more laid back holiday...
I tried my hand at home-made caramel covered, pecan spattered, and chocolate drizzled apples. I think next year I will make the caramel from scratch.

Evenings have been spent knitting various winter projects watching favorite Halloween films and sipping mulled (May) wine. My classic favorites include:
Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Witches, Harry Potter films, The Adams Family, Clue, and Gosford Park.
Much knitting could be achieved lol. Missing my old fireplace.
Prepping for All Hallow's Eve of course included a night of Jack O'lantern carving. I had a couple gals over, and we chatted the evening away while snacking on cheese and crackers with wine. I thought about doing a second pumpkin with leaves all over, but put the idea away for next year.

{ I think my cat Sasha inspired Lindsey and Julie hehe. }

{ I like my tree }
Costume for the year is: Indiana Jones! I went for bad-ass rather than slutty lol. More fun overall.
I plan on spending the holiday's evening passing out candy to all the little scary creatures and watching some classic films. I hope everyone's holiday is charming!

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