Friday, October 5, 2012

Running Program Day 5

Its so crazy to think I am only on Day 5, and yet I have made so much progress! Craziness... only a week and 2 days total.

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I started out only being able to run 1 minute intervals and breathing heavily while at it, and this morning I graduated to 3 minute intervals! I know it seems so insignificant, but for not being in any aerobic shape whatsoever to progress as much really makes me happy. Previously when I tried to begin a dedicated work-out routine, the lack of any results would fizzle out all my motivation. Now just being able to breath without heaving for longer increments of time every day gives me that extra little push to challenge myself.

Very happy today! Getting closer and closer to that 30 minute goal and ultimately the race in November.

I also thought to catelogue everything I have had to purchase for this to happen...

1. Gym membership
2. Running shoes
3. Duffel bag
4. Work out clothes
5. Water bottle
6. Ipod + carrier (to be purchased)

I just need tunes now to make the run easier.


  1. Hello, Dear! Tou are doing great!! I've come to your lovely blog from Vanessa's Halloween Party blog roll...
    It's so nice to "meet" you! ♥♥
    I'm looking forward to the celebration! (Now following you, as well!)

  2. Awww, Ashlie, Woo is a love-bug! She snuggles under the covers with me! So glad to "meet" you, Dear!
    Anne & Tallulah ~ "Woo"