Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday: Stormy Weather

{Skirt: H&M}
{Tights: Rue21}
{Purse: F21}
Since the cold front came in and I got to wear tights and a coat, I am soo in love and wish I could commit to winter wear irrevocably, even though we have gone back to 80 degree weather. Its difficult because the A/C is so low in the office, dressing for the warm outside weather ends up making it freezing during the work day... dilemmas dilemmas.
I don't think there will be many days left without wearing sweaters and tights though. Very excited for the coming winter!

P.S. I LOVE my polka dot tights! They make me squeal in happiness inside lol.


  1. I love the tights! I will have to see if F21 still has them. By the way I formally request a further look into the bar cabinet behind you! Love it :D

  2. I am so stocking up on tights this year lol! I am also keeping my eye out for a houndstooth skirt and some heavier fabric skirts too...

    Hehehe I am still working on finishing it; I basically just need to get a lot of alchohol lol, plus a few other things. I definitely will be posting a before/after! :D