Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Knitting Winter Knee High Socks

This weekend was completely deluged in rain. All day Saturday it poured down. My initial plan was to spend the evening watching Macbeth in the park... buuut that obviously got canceled lol.
Instead, I slept in, putted around the house cleaning and whatnot, and then promptly curled up on my couch for an afternoon of film and knitting.
I had my homemade peppermint mocha to energize me for the longhaul, and started out with  Dean Martin flick "How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life" 1968. This film was so cute and funny!!! I didn't even know Dean Martin was an actor... how crazy is that?! I think I like him as a comedian and actor better than a singer.
Anywho, I finally got to start on some socks for the winter to wear around my house! I have been researching patterns and such for a few weeks now, and bought my supplies Friday. I know it is going to take forever and a day lol, but I think it will be a fun challenge to work on while also doing easier and faster projects like cowls in between.

{This will be the ribbed top cuff of the sock, knitting top down}

The pattern is crazy though! I finished the ribbing and am working on the cable pattern which uses a Diagram! First time using a Diagram for a pattern... interesting experience lol. It definitely requires a lot of counting to keep track of where I am. I have to follow THIS!


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  1. These will be great! (Check out that vintage pic of me for my love of knee-socks!)