Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Faieries!!!

This is one of the cutest ideas ever, and a whole town in Michigan has embracd it! Ann Arbor, Michigan has had several "faerie doors" pop up inside some of their small businesses. This one below is part of a fireplace mantle.

Can you believe it? Not only did one person have the creativity to come up with this idea and implement it at their personal business, but then several others took up the cause afterward!

Most of the businesses are geared toward children like this one. I love how they so subtly placed a faery calender right below the little door. The books spines adjecent to the door are Fairy Tales and Cinderella too! I just love the idea of embracing so much imagination and creativity... especially to foster the growth of children. If I ever have them, I would love to live in a town like this with such an air of fun about it.

This one below is actually on the outside of the shop which is such a bold idea! You always risk vandalism (which apparently has occured at a few of the sites) with things outdoors, but at least it welcomes people in and piques their curiosity. If I was walking down a street somewhere and saw that on a shop, there is no doubt I would promptly jump inside.

So of course, the reason for this post is... I want to create my own faerie door! Its such a cute idea and would be such a perfect addition to my home. (Yes I said home! lol) Of course mine is going to have to reflect the turn of the century architecture I am so in love with. Crown molding, anyone? I already have the perfect spot of placement set up.

I think this whole idea just adds to the multitude of silly additions I want to my dream house.

(Coming soon!)


  1. Adorable! I saw on Etsy something like that, it was gnome doors for your trees outside. I love that these actually open up and I love the creativity thrown into it. Good find!

  2. Aw that is so cute! I wish I had trees outside lol. Some people have little faerie gardens too outside, or instead of dollhouses. So cute!!

  3. We should just move to Ann Arbor Michigan... lol!