Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lace, Silk, Jewels, and Candles


This is an entry, about the wedding I want, 10 years from now lol. What am I suppose to do with everyone getting married and leaving me with inspiration, eh?

This dress was one I found quite awhile ago but that has been the one I have judged all others by. I am definitely more of the romantic when it comes to style and I love the creamy satin finish, the voluptuous volume, and the intricate beadwork.

At least I know what I want now… *sheepishly guilty grin*

As far as setting goes, I really wanted an outdoor evening reception in the fall with a hedged garden maze, but apparently those are only found in Britain or Virginia (arg these hill-billy corn mazes). Alas I will simply have to stick with the more boring garden theme. Don’t you love these lights in the trees though? So picturesque and who wouldn’t look drop dead gorgeous in this lighting?

Everyone get ready for an enchantingly elegant yet fun filled party night peeps!!!... in several years lol.

Bridesmaids, this is for you! Romantic dresses are a must! I want ethereal, formal, and gorgeous gowns everywhere! It will be chilly at this time of year so hopefully the extra fabric and volume will be somewhat comfortable… It may suck for my friends, I know, but maybe it will be worth it for one night… And hopefully everyone will have had stable careers for so long by the time this happens so as to be able to afford the expense. Here’s to hoping! :P I can dream right?

Now, I know this sounds crazy, but wouldn’t it be great fun to get the bridal party together to perform part of a choreographed formal ball room dance for everyone as part of the traditional father daughter dance? Start out with that (for the 10 seconds that would actually last), followed by me with the random prospective hubby, followed by the rest of the bridal party trickling onto the floor wearing the venetian party favor masks that will be especially elaborate, to harmonize into a crescendo finish! At least it could be entertainment for the guests and maybe a fun bonding experience prior to the party right? Who wants to ballroom dance? Anyone?? No? Sadness…

Everyone will, for sure, be getting their own masks for the evening as party favors, but I want to create with the girls or purchase for them some truly detailed and stunning masks for my fav peeps. Think “The Labyrinth” but less antlers lol.

Colors you ask? Well, seeing as how fall will be the season, romance the style, I can’t resist going with:

Deep luscious RED, tempered with a pale blushing PINK, and blended with GOLD, CREAMs and WHITEs.

The style of the cake I want will be more like this first one (I can never resist lace), while the colors will follow the second.

I hope everyone’s excited! Now I just need to end up with a man, a career, and several more years under my belt… :P So much fun to imagine though! I guess I skipped over this phase in my younger years.


  1. EEEEE! That's pretty much all I can really say lol. I'm so excited!!! Ok so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress!!! And I love the venue and I love the right bridesmaid dress and I love mask thing and I would love to learn ballroom dancing with you lol. I think that covers it all.

    You have inspired me to write my own wedding blog!!!!! I was just thinking about how I need to write another blog but I couldn't think of anything interesting enough. I might have to write two lol. One for the spring theme that I'm going to end up doing, and one for the fall theme that I would love to do.

  2. hahaha aw I am so happy you like it too!!! One day... lol. Haha I love that you will have a dream wedding blog and a real one tehe. And I want to see both!!!!!