Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Feast!

When I first started out thinking about the reception, I automatically pictured several round tables all scattered about a beautiful garden scape with hanging string lights from above casting a soft yellow glow at first twilight and glowing more strongly as night crept on until only candlelight and these floating lights above remained.

Now, though, I wonder if keeping everyone seperated is really the feeling I want. After seeing several large rectangular feast tables, I really like the idea of having, if not everyone, at least a lot more people, within conversation range. Shouting and laughter is a definite must, and I think that these large tables foster that much more so than the smaller ones.

I know this one seems very holiday themed, but the red color is perfect and not too overdone. Something like this would be great with possibly two centerpieces spaced out apart along the table and with candles all along the center like this in between.

This just has another view of the table set. I do want more of a small wedding, but considering that can range from 70-100 people... obviously there will have to be several of these setup. I love the feast theme!!!

This one has a great outdoor feeling about it that I also love. Oh to be planning a wedding! ... if only I could actually plan a real one lol. How much fun would that be to finalize plans and such.


  1. I love all of your feast ideas!!! I thought about doing something like that for a while because even though you'll have everyone at a table, meaning different groups of people that don't know each other, you can still put all of those people together in one section of the table. It's a good idea! I love the red and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chandeliers! I wanted chandeliers at my wedding over each table but I love all of the different ones clustered together! Good find!

    and yes, I would love to be able to finalize some of my stuff too lol

  2. Yay thank you! I definitely am afraid all the chandeliers would be super expensive lol, but I guess thats what it takes right?